Winter Style Beers: Snow Cap

Snow Cap with Orange Spritzer

I’ve recently tried 3 winter beers: Coors’ Full Moon, Pyramid’s Snow Cap, and Full Sail’s Wassail. I’ll start this series out with Pyramid’s offering and try to post about the other two later this week.

Pyramid’s Snow cap has the least spicy flavor of the three, a deep red color, and exceedingly hoppy taste. If you’re in the market for an IPA but crave a change of pace, this might be the winter beer for you. There is a hint of cherry and a bit of molasses, but those notes are crushed under the bitterness of the hops. A cookie seems to offset this bitterness and bring out the beer’s sweeter side. Mary’s orange spritzer worked quite well in this regard. Slightly warmer temperatures and a wide mouth glass seem to also soften out the edges. Twenty minutes or so after the poor, a little sweetness comes to the fore and the hops mellow out. This may be the perfect winter beer for those that stick mainly with the IPA’s as it is simple, bitter and highly drinkable. Keep it away from those that like their beer without the bite, though.

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