A Spanner in the Works

This is the obligatory post where I write about why I haven’t updated in the last week or so. Work has started what can best be described as an amateur biggest looser league. In a moment of weakness I signed up. The good news is that my initial weigh in was 212, and this week I weighed in at 206.5. The weigh-ins are every Friday so I’ll post my progress as I go.

The bad news is that I’m working out during lunch and right after I get home from work; my old writing time. I’ll need to make time on the weekends and later at night to make some posts. Look for something about beans in the next couple of days.

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One Comment on “A Spanner in the Works”

  1. MAC Says:

    Hey Awesome job on the weight loss! I know it’s slow, sitting at the same weight as you. Dark Beer is my passion but the years add up. We go to the Gym at 5 am at least 3 times a week. Listening to your podcast now and I think it’s pretty good. Will definately add it to my list of things to listen too.

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